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The Slogar

My partner, Dave and I built that bar back in 1976. We also built the room dividers in the dining room. Great to see it all has stood the test of time and people are still enjoying the Slogar. A little trivia: If you go to the far end of the front bar and look up at the back bar, you will see a row of mirrors that can only be seen from there. If you are sitting in the center of the front bar, you will see a small area on the front rail routed out. We put a small brass plaque there that said, “Colorado Bar Builders, 1976” Apparently, that little plaque was pried off. The room dividers with stained glass insets were built in 24 hours, the day before the place opened. We pulled an all nighter to get it done on time.

Joe Grabowski
3 months ago