Crested Butte, Colorado is known for its stunning mountain biking trails and is an ideal destination for mountain bikers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert rider looking for a challenging ride, Crested Butte is sure to have something for you.

From beginner trails along the Slate River to the renowned 401, Crested Butte offers an extensive network of trails for your mountain biking adventure. There are plenty of beginner trails, like the Lower Loop to practice on before taking on more advanced rides.

The area is packed with outfitters and bike shops ready to assist you in finding the perfect ride for you.

Crested Butte is a storied place to mountain bike and offers beautiful views while providing an adrenaline rush for those looking for two-wheeled adventure.

See the entire Crested Butte Mountain Bike trail network and conditions here on the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Assn. page.

Ride list provided by CBMBA.

Beginner Rides
Beginner Loop at the CB Bike Park – 0.5 mi
Deli, Upper, Tony’s Loop – 6.3 mi
Lower Loop to Upper Lower Loop Lolipop – 9 mi
Strand Bonus & Canal Trail Loop – 6 mi
Teddy’s Trail at Snodgrass Out and Back
Upper Cement Creek Loop – 9 mi

Classic 401 Loop – 14 mi
Fat Tire 40 Race Route – 37 mi
Dyke Loop From The Y – 14.8 mi
Lily Lake Loop – 6.9 mi
Snodgrass Loop – 9.2 mi
Lupine Loop – 13 mi
Reno Flag Bear Deadman’s Loop – 19 mi
Strand Hill Hot Lap – 6 mi
Waterfall Cutoff – Middle Cement Creek Loop – 13 mi

Baxter Gulch to Green Lake – 14 mi
Walrod, Point Lookout, Waterfall, Cement Creek Loop – 18.2 mi
Farris/Strand Double Loop – 11 mi
Gonzo – Green Lake, Carbon Creek Lily Lake Loop – 30.1 mi
Snodgrass, 403, 401 Loop – 29 mi
Star Pass – 22 mi
Strawberry Loop – 12 mi

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