Tang Soo Do

Jul 24, 2024
5:00 pm - 6:15 pm

Tang Soo Do is a Korean Martial Art tracing its lineage back over 2000 years, focusing mainly on unarmed techniques and self-defense.

The Center offers up five summer classes. Choose one class or register for all five.

American Tang Soo Do was formed in 1966 by Chuck Norris, which is combination of Moo Duk Kwan-style Tang Soo Do, Judo and Karate (Shito-Ryu and Shotokan). Over the years it has been further developed by former black belts of his and their students.

Tang Soo Do uses the colored belt system that was instituted by Judo’s founder Jigoro Kano and popularized in Karate-do


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