Skyland Loop Run & BBQ

Jul 17, 2024
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

(4 & 6 options, on single track with some paved & dirt roads)


Course: From the Skyland Pavilion run around Lake Grant, up the Bridges Trail and down Whetstone Vista. The short course returns to Skyland via Brush Creek road and the Skyland bike path. The long course heads up Brush Creek turns left up the Upper, Upper and returns to Skyland via the Bridges and Skyland Home Owners’ Trails.

Distance: 4 mile (+449’) loop on single track trail, paved road and paved bike path. 6 mile (+915’)
loop on single track with a short section of paved and dirt road.
Meet: At the Skyland Pavilion at Lake Grant

Map and Description HERE


Crested Butte Mountain Runners organize a series of trail runs starting in mid May and ending in early October.