Scarp Ridge Mt Emmons Run

Sep 7, 2024
8:00 am - 10:00 am

(8 miles, on single track trail and ridge running.)


Course: From the Old Irwin Lodge, follow the Ridge Trail #70 for about 0.1 mile to the intersection with the Scarp Trail #421. Veer Right and climb up Scarp Trail #421 to the ridge. Look for a game / ridge trail on your right and proceed along the ridge to the summit of Mt. Emmons (Red Lady). Return along the same route.

Distance: 8.0 miles (+2,261’) all on single track and ridge / game trails. This is an out and back, so shorter options are available. Carry food, water and energy drink.

Meet: At the old Irwin Lodge above Lake Irwin. Vehicles are allowed to turn around at the lodge or drop people off, but
all parking is 0.6 mile before the lodge. Please consider carpooling, as parking is limited.

Map and Descriptive HERE


Crested Butte Mountain Runners organize a series of trail runs starting in mid May and ending in early October.