Crested Butte Salmon Drop

Dec 21, 2021
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

At the 4-way middle slot at 6th and Elk Ave in downtown Crested Butte.

Sun Dec 19th & this Tues Dec 21st
Noon – 4:00 pm

Savor The Wild Salmon operate commercial fishing boats in Bristol Bay, AK and live in Fairplay locally. They catch sockeye salmon in the world’s most sustainable fishery, their fishery provides over 50% of the world’s sockeye salmon! The salmon Savor catches is kept chilled and floating before being de-boned and flash frozen. This process creates a Very fresh product that is sushi grade!

The goal is to create a community supported fishery that provides traceability from our net to your table!

2021 prices:
Full fillets
“Sample” Fillet 20$
10lb box 18/lb = 180$
20lb box 17/lb = 340$
Group buy of 100 lbs 16/lb
We are sold out of our portioned fillets **