CB Prana Vinyasa (Level 2)

Dec 10, 2021
8:45 am - 10:00 am
Thrive Yoga Crested Butte & Gunnison

Crested Butte CLass:

Prana Vinyasa is an intermediate-level energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga, as cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. Students of all levels are empowered to experience prana (life-force) by linking the breath with movement.

Every class is well rounded, following the mandala of the body and asanas – to create whole body transformation of strength and fluidity, circulation and centering.

Stacey Donaldson
Stacey is a dedicated Prana Vinyasa yoga practitioner, an artist and a mother of two young girls. Her love of yoga developed after having her second child. When she was able to fully dive into the practice and realize the amazing benefits it had on her health and lifestyle. In 2015 she completed Shiva Rea’s 200 hour yoga teacher training in Prana Vinyasa Flow with her teacher Monica Mesa, in Crested Butte. Stacey is a passionate and curious student of yoga and holistic healing. She finds inspiration for her classes by following the changes of the seasons and the flow of the natural world. Stacey is inspired by her family, friends, art, nature, music, big mountains, and the beach lifestyle she grew up in.

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Thrive Yoga Crested Butte & Gunnison

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