Cattlemen’s Days Concert at 5B’s with Austin Wahlert

Jul 11, 2024
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Come celebrate after the PRCA Rodeo at 5 B’s! Live music concert and party with rodeo/musician Austin Wahlert and his band. Food and bar brought to you by Five B’s BBQ!

In a commercial sense Austin Wahlert is on something of a global roll, he’s a remarkably popular country artist in many parts of Europe – which is a long way from Eaton, Colorado – a two stop light town 7 miles north of Greeley, Colorado, where he and his family live – a tiny community lined with grain silos and the kinds of restaurants that open at 6:00 am and close at 2:00 pm.

His fans in Germany and France actually have Austin Wahlert dance parties. He wrote a song with hero turned friend Baxter Black called “Long Live Cowboys”, that song just hit #8 on the international chart this week in Europe and broke the top 100 on the pop chart.

And he’s not doing too bad in North America either.
 The 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo opened the 10th and final round of the NFR with a live Austin Wahlert performance, predictably replete with sexy long-legged Las Vegas showgirls surrounding him and pyro- techniques blasting fireworks lighting-up the Thomas and Mack Center, a stage that has at one time or another been occupied by most every big name in country music.

It’s become obvious to the big names in Nashville that Austin’s “got it.” And in Nashville you’ve either got it or you don’t. He has the ear and support of some of the greatest songwriters and music executives in the country music world and they’re not making any secret their enthusiasm for him.


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